January 25 715pm Zoom Flow

Soul Space Yoga has been offering classes over zoom as a way to provide a live class experience in the safety and comfort of your home. You can find the information for signing up at https://soulspaceyoga.ca/. So far I have only had 1 loyal student join me and I would love if some others would come practice with us! Don’t be shy, participating in a live zoom class might seem intimidating if you aren’t use to being on camera, but it doesn’t have to be. The option is up to you wether you leave your camera on or not. I have recently started using Instagram (@danielle.channell) again and have found it has revitalised my interest in playing around with new sequences. I have also seen some movements by other users that I might be incorporating into tonight’s class, so it should be a good one. Remember Yoga is meant to be fun, not perfect. If one of the reasons you aren’t joining me is that you are scared you won’t be able to do every pose, then push that thought out of your head. Just making it to your mat is the true goal and after that it’s about moving at your own pace, honouring your mind and body and making your Yoga practice work for you 😀.

July 31 – August 6 Schedule

I feel so fortunate that Fort St. John has the tight knit yoga community that it does, with good quality yoga instruction. I love the teachers and students in this town and the relationships that I have formed within the yoga community. I enjoy having conversations with the people that share the class room with me, and getting know them better on and off the mat. Come keep me company on my mat this week and join me at the following times:

Monday – 6pm Vinyasa @ Cornerstone Yoga Collective

Tuesday – 7pm Vinyasa @ Soul Space Yoga Community

Thursday – 530pm Beginner Flow @ Soul Space

Friday – 615am Vinyasa @ Soul Space

Saturday – 10am Vinyasa @ Soul Space

See you all there!



July 16 – 22 Schedule

Last week was an interesting week for me teaching wise, I felt very unsure about the quality of the classes I taught earlier in the week, which isn’t a normal feeling for me. It’s an exhausting feeling when you are done teaching a class and you spend the next couple days going over every minute detail of what had transpired over that 60-75 minutes. As a teacher unless someone tells you that they enjoyed the class it is extremely hard to tell how the students feel about what you are doing. Sometimes someone appears to be hating everything that you are presenting to them but really they might be making that “Resting Bitch Face” because they are just focusing on being in the moment and how their body feels. Moral of this story is I am hoping for a better teaching week this week,  and I hope to see you all there. My schedule this week is listed below:

Monday – 6pm Vinyasa @ Cornerstone Yoga Collective

Tuesday – 7pm Vinyasa @ Soul Space Yoga Community

Thursday – 530pm Beginner Flow @ Soul Space

Friday – 615am Morning Vinyasa @ Soul Space

Friday – 530pm cOMmunity Yoga @ Cornerstone

Saturday – 10am Vinyasa @ Soul Space

May 5 – May 14 Schedule

With the summer season nearing, days getting longer and schedules getting busier, it is important to remember to take time for yourself every once and a while. Yoga is the perfect mix of exertion and relaxation that will help you feel grounded and centred. So, Join me at Soul Space Yoga (formerly Blacksmith Yoga Community) this week at the times listed below.

Wednesday – Hot Yoga @ 7:15pm

Thursday – Beginner Yoga @ 5:30pm

Saturday – Vinyasa @ 10am

*I will be teaching 7pm Vinyasa on Tuesday nights starting next week!*