July 9 – 15th Schedule

It’s another busy week of teaching. Last week my classes were focused on prepping the body for bakasana (crane pose). In my opinion this arm balance might be one of the easiest shapes to get into, but takes the most strength to progress in compared to other arm balances.  For those reasons it is such a good starting point for all other arm balances. This week I plan to build on this shape by bringing a rotation into it and working on our twists. If you would like to work on your twists with me you can join me at the following times:

Monday – 6pm Vinyasa @ Cornerstone

Tuesday – 7pm Vinyasa @ Soul Space

Wednesday – 7pm Beats & Breath (featuring a catchy hip hop playlist) @ Cornerstone

Thursday – 5:30pm Beginner Flow @ Soul Space

Friday – 6:15am  Vinyasa @ Soul Space

Saturday – 10am Vinyasa @ Soul Space

Schedule July 2 – July 8

Join me tonight at Cornerstone Yoga Collective for a 60 minute Vinyasa Flow at 6pm.

The other classes I teach this week are listed below:

Tuesday – Vinyasa 7pm @ Soul Space Yoga Community

Thursday – Beginner Vinyasa 530pm @ Soul Space

Friday – 615am Morning Flow @ Soul Space

Saturday – 10am Vinyasa @ Soul Space

Saturday – 7pm Karma (by donation class) @ Soul Space

See you there!

June 25 – July 1 Schedule

I have yet to decide what the “theme” of my classes will be this week, I am still waiting for a spark of inspiration. If you plan on attending one of my classes and have something in mind that you would like to learn or work on, never hesitate to let me know. I will always do my best to plan a class that will help you with your goals, after all the reason I teach is to help my clients the best I can. 🙂 My classes this week are:

Monday – 6pm Vinyasa @ Cornerstone Yoga Collective

Tuesday – 7pm Vinyasa @ Soul Space Yoga Community

Thursday – 530pm Beginner Flow @ Soul Space

Friday – 615am Vinyasa @ Soul Space

Saturday – 10am Vinyasa @ Soul Space

Hope to see you there!

June 18th – June 25 Schedule

This week most of my classes will be focused on side stretches, since that is one area I do not work on very often. Come join me at any of the following times:

Monday – 6pm Vinyasa @ Cornerstone (might also be teaching the slow flow at 730pm so keep your eye on the schedule)

Tuesday – 7pm Vinyasa @ Soul Space

Thursday – 530pm Beginner Flow @ Soul Space

Friday – 615am Vinyasa @ Soul Space

Saturday – 10am Vinyasa @ Soul Space

Saturday – 6pm cOMmunity Class @ Cornerstone

June 12 – June 18 Schedule

Today is my first day teaching  at Cornerstone Yoga Collective!!! I am so excited that I can now share my classes at both of my favourite studios in town. If you want to end your Monday in a good mood, join me at 6pm at Cornerstone for a juicy 60 minute flow. I also teach the following classes at Soul Space:

Tuesday – 7pm Vinyasa

Thursday – 530pm Beginner Flow

Friday – 615am Vinyasa

Saturday – 10am Vinyasa

May 29 – June 4 Schedule

I leave for vacation on Friday so I am only teaching a couple classes this week. I hope to see some lovely faces join me on their mats.  One of the many aspects that I enjoy about teaching is the relationships that I am able to build with the clients that make it to my classes. Nothing brightens my day more than witnessing people exploring their yoga practice and the seeing mental and physical changes that result. I appreciate my students so much, as they are what encourage me to keep learning and growing as a teacher. 🙂

Join me at Soul Space at the following times:

Tuesday – 7pm Vinyasa Flow

Thursday – 5:30pm Beginner Flow

*  I am also so excited to announce that starting June 12th I will be teaching the Monday 6pm Vinyasa Class’s, at Cornerstone Yoga Collective.

April 19 – April 23 Schedule

I am back from Easter vacation, and excited to get back to teaching again. One week off is too long! Join me at Blacksmith Yoga Community the follow times;

Thursday – 5:30pm Beginner Flow

Friday – 6:15am Rise Flow

Saturday – 10am Vinyasa Flow

**Blacksmith Yoga Community is starting a 30 day challange, with a chance to win some awesome prizes if you complete the challenge.**