Wednesday Nights Class (April 22)

Join me tomorrow night at 715pm live on Soul Space Yoga Community’s Facebook page! With the days getting longer and the temperatures actually starting to reflect spring you may even be able to set up your mat outside for tomorrow evenings class…. Although the smell of your neighbours barbecuing could be a little distracting 😉

Tonight’s Live Class

I am a bit late making a post, but I am still scheduled to lead a live class on Soul Space Yoga Community’s Facebook page tonight at 715pm. I have yet to decide what I am going to teach, maybe this nice weather will end up inspiring me soon. Hope you either join me live or enjoy the class in your own time.

Classes This Week: April 8 & 11

I am excited to be teaching more than one class this week, one for each of the studios I normally sub/teach at. I will be on Soul Space Community’s Facebook page Wednesday night at 715pm live and then I will be taking over Cornerstone Yoga Collective’s Facebook page Saturday night at 645pm, each class will be 60 minutes in length leaving you with the option to stay in savasana for as long as your schedule permits. Both classes this week will be working towards peak poses and will be my typical style of flow with a lot of integrated strength movements including some yoga style squat variations and various types of planks, because those are my favourite.

On a personal note, the mental aspect of teaching has been a challenge for me lately, being pregnant, having an almost 2 year old, working full time and always in the midst of some sort of renovation consistently leaves me feeling tired leading up to class. Often times I have to push myself to teach, but once the class is over I am left with a burst of energy and am always glad that I made myself get in front of the camera. I also realize my situation is not unique and there are probably so many people that feel this way whether it’s with regards to teaching yoga, doing yoga or any physical activity in general. This feeling for most has probably been exaggerated during the current situation as we deal with our regular stresses plus the added stress having little control over our lives right now. I just wanted to remind everyone that you are not alone! As humans we like to think we are unique and that our situations and problems are also unique, but with over 7 billion people on this planet you can almost guarantee someone out there feels the exact same way you do and realistically they are closer to you than you think. This is why opening up and being honest with yourself and others can be beneficial in helping you realize you are not alone and that you can find support.

Keep keeping it real and just do your best, whatever that looks like right now.

Live on FB April 1st @ 715pm

This is going to be my third week offering my yoga class via the internet. It is definitely weird teaching without being able to see anyone. You think it would be less nerve racking, but it isn’t! There is some comfort that being able to see your students provides, as you are able feed off their energy. I also have a huge fear of going back and watching my classes, so I have yet to do that. I can only imagine the faces that I make or weird comments that come out of my mouth. I know, however as the weeks go on this will become the new norm, and when us yoga teachers have to hop back into the studio we will be nervous all over again.

This week if you plan on watching my class feel free to post on my facebook page, “Channell Your Yoga”, any requests you may have regarding what you poses you would like to work on or what kind of class (fast, slow, stretchy, strong) you are craving and I would be more than happy to try to accommodate some of the suggestions into my flow tomorrow night.  There is also a possibility that I may provide a Spotify playlist for you to listen too while you follow me though the class, it just depends if I can get my sh*t together in time.

Side note: I thought I would have so much more free time now that I am hardly leaving my house…….. but somehow I don’t, and I am sure others are feeling the same way.

Any who, I hope some of you join me live tomorrow night at 715pm on Soul Space Yoga Community’s Facebook page, or watch the class at your own convince.

LIVE CLASS Wednesday March 25th

I will be teaching a live 60min Facebook class tomorrow night at 715pm, hosted on Soul Space Yoga Community’s Facebook page. I plan to work towards a peak pose (I just have to double check that I can still do the pose) and in order to get there we will be working on our outer hip strength! It should be fun dynamic class that will add a little spice to your evening at home.

I hope that the live yoga classes that are being offered are helping people find some normalcy and some social relief in this very extreme and isolating time, and I hope that you join me tomorrow night. In the meantime try to stay diligent and strong in the battle against Covid-19.

March 4th Hot Flow

Wow! I cannot believe it’s March already, I am so ready for the snow to melt and for the weather to be warmer. If you are also ready for warmer temperatures, then come join me at Soul Space Yoga’s new location, 10516 101 Ave, for a heated vinyasa flow. I don’t know exactly what I am going to be in the mood to teach, but I know it will be fun and challenging. See you on your mat this Wednesday at 715pm.


I visited the new location of Soul Space Yoga Studio at 10516 101 Ave yesterday, and Tammy gave me the grand tour. It is going to be an amazing space to teach in! The heating panels are up so dress for the sweat. Since this will be my first time teaching in this space I’m going to teach a fun new class that will be a little bit of my old style flow and some of what I practice at home now, which is a fusion of fitness and yoga. The time will fly by and you surely will not be bored. I will finish class with a juicy savasana so you have ample time to cool off. Come and check out the new space on Wednesday at 715pm and get ready to flow.

Hot Vinyasa Tonight (Dec 4)

Good news Soul Space Yoga is opened for classes this week! I will be teaching the 7:15pm – 8:15pm Hot Vinyasa class tonight. This flow will me a mix of strength, stretching and sweating, so be sure to bring a towel! After some hard work we will end with a lengthy shavasana to help settle in to our bodies and relieve some of the holiday stress. Hope to see you tonight 🙂

Beats and Breath – TAYLOR SWIFT

I am teaching the 8pm Beats and Breath class at Cornerstone Yoga Collective tomorrow (Oct 9th). I have been a huge Taylor Swift fan since she sang country. I can remember blasting her song Should’ve Said No while cruising around the Valley in my 1989 Honda Prelude with my best friends. I may have also shed some emotional teenage tears to her song Tear Drops on My Guitar (damn Drew why did you have to break her heart). I was also lucky enough that the song 22 came out while I was 22 so I could ring in my 23rd birthday by playing 22 on repeat all night while eating a McCain chocolate cake by the fist full. I am so excited to put together compilation of her best heartbreak songs with a few of her more upbeat songs sprinkled in to go with the vinyasa flow tomorrow night. Get ready to open your heart, as you lip sing on your mat and don’t forget Keep the rest of your night open for drinks and appetizers with your fellow Taylor Swift yoga loving friends at Brown’s Social House after class. See you tomorrow.