Beats and Breath – TAYLOR SWIFT

I am teaching the 8pm Beats and Breath class at¬†Cornerstone Yoga Collective¬†tomorrow (Oct 9th). I have been a huge Taylor Swift fan since she sang country. I can remember blasting her song Should’ve Said No while cruising around the Valley in my 1989 Honda Prelude with my best friends. I may have also shed some emotional teenage tears to her song Tear Drops on My Guitar (damn Drew why did you have to break her heart). I was also lucky enough that the song 22 came out while I was 22 so I could ring in my 23rd birthday by playing 22 on repeat all night while eating a McCain chocolate cake by the fist full. I am so excited to put together compilation of her best heartbreak songs with a few of her more upbeat songs sprinkled in to go with the vinyasa flow tomorrow night. Get ready to open your heart, as you lip sing on your mat and don’t forget Keep the rest of your night open for drinks and appetizers with your fellow Taylor Swift yoga loving friends at Brown’s Social House after class. See you tomorrow.

Beats and Breath – Amber Run

I will be teaching Beats and Breath tonight at Cornerstone Yoga Collective at 8pm. This is my first Vinyasa class since I have made my return to teaching, which means I am equal parts excited and nervous. I have actually planned the class in preparation for my rustiness, there will be some interesting transitions along with some “fun” core work all leading to a peak pose. I chose the band Amber Run for the sound track because I have used a few of their songs in some of my previous yoga playlists, and I think the vibe of their music is the perfect background sound for a challenging and lively flow.¬† If you love getting sweaty and moving your body into weird shapes while focusing on your breath then join me at the studio tonight.

I’m Back (Subbing tonight)

Tonight I will be subbing the Restorative class from 730pm-830pm at Cornerstone Yoga Collective.  I have missed teaching and cannot wait to start getting back into it. I hope to see some familiar faces in the studio tonight. Even though restorative yoga is kind of foreign to me I am working on putting together a class that will help you relax and release the tension that has built up over the work week.

On a side note I am hoping I will be able to sub more not only at Cornerstone but at Soul Space as well, but my availability strongly depends on childcare. For those of you who are curious about how motherhood is going for me, so far it is amazing. My little boy, Sawyer Anders Channell is now a strong healthy 5 month old and has an early bed time that will hopefully make it possible for me to pick up some more classes.


New Schedule!!!!! October 30th – November 5th

I know I have been slacking on my weekly schedule updates, part of the reason is internet difficulties at home and the other part is me just being lazy. I have changed my schedule starting this week. I am now only teaching two classes a week. It was hard for me to give up some of my classes but I think it was necessary. The reason why I made the decision to lighten my load is because as of today I am 14 weeks pregnant. Now that I am growing a little human in my belly I thought it was time to lighten my work load so I could have more time to attend yoga classes myself and make sure that I am taking care of my personal needs. Hopefully with fewer classes on my plate I will be able to put more time into those classes, as well as have more time to find inspiration for them. I am excited for all the changes that are going to be happening in my personal life and it feels great to have some more time to work on my personal practice and to get ready for the little chicklet. If you wold like to practice with me this week I will be teaching the following times:

Tuesday 615am Vinyasa @ Cornerstone Yoga Collective

Friday 615am Vinyasa @ Soul Space Yoga Community

Friday 530pm Karma @ Cornerstone

*I will still be subbing for other teachers here and there, so keep your eyes on my schedule to see when I will be filling in.

Flow & Glow Event

I am so excited to announce that I have organized an event to take place while I am in Nova Scotia in June for my cousins wedding. The event was inspired by a couple different yoga classes I have attended, the first being a glow in the dark class I took at Wanderlust last year, and the second being the Vinyasa & Vino classes my good friend Candace Soderburg of¬†Cornerstone Yoga Collective¬†hosts here in Fort St. John. So far I have had fun collaborating with local businesses in Berwick, NS and everyone has been a dream to work with. I am still working on putting together the perfect playlist and a fun vinyasa sequence to go with it. If you would like to know the details about this event visit my “Events”¬†page. I hope to see some familiar faces, along with some new ones join me for the fun night I have planned.


After a year of teaching has passed I have decided that now is the time to start offering private yoga sessions to the public. Over  the past year I have learned a lot from teaching public group classes at Blacksmith Yoga Community, and believe I have gained enough knowledge to offer intelligently designed private sessions suited to the needs of each individual.  Even though I am a certified yoga teacher I know I will always be a student as well, and plan to continue my education by diving deeper into all aspects of Yoga in order to better serve my community and clients. To book a private session or learn more you can contact me or check out the rest of the site.