LAST CLASS! April 29th

The time has come for me to stop teaching for a few months. I am so happy that I was able to continue teaching via live Facebook classes but as my belly gets bigger and I get closer to my due date it has become more challenging for me to find the energy to teach at night. So join me for the final time for while live on Soul Space Yoga Community’s Facebook page Wednesday at 715pm.


I visited the new location of Soul Space Yoga Studio at 10516 101 Ave yesterday, and Tammy gave me the grand tour. It is going to be an amazing space to teach in! The heating panels are up so dress for the sweat. Since this will be my first time teaching in this space I’m going to teach a fun new class that will be a little bit of my old style flow and some of what I practice at home now, which is a fusion of fitness and yoga. The time will fly by and you surely will not be bored. I will finish class with a juicy savasana so you have ample time to cool off. Come and check out the new space on Wednesday at 715pm and get ready to flow.

Wednesday Feb 19th Warm Flow

Sorry I bailed last week, a stomach bug took me out for a few days, but I am back to feeling like a capable human again. It’s so nice that days are getting noticeably longer, it won’t be too long before it will still be sunny for the 715pm class. Enough talk about the future though, tomorrow night we will focus on the present. We will work on centering our energy on accepting where we are now and enjoying the journey with all the twists, turns, ups and downs it may hold (just like your yoga practice).  If this sounds like something you might like to be a part of, join me tomorrow night at Soul Space Yoga Studio at 715pm.

Wednesday February 12th

It’s been lovely teaching the Warm Flow Wednesday nights at 715pm at Soul Space Yoga. There are a couple regulars that show up and are a joy to lead. One thing that I love about the yoga practice and teaching yoga are the personal connections you make in the process, it really is a community. I moved to Fort St. John 6 years ago and started going to public yoga classes shortly after, and to this day most of my friends in town are people that I have met at the yoga studio. So whether you just show up to get your sweat on, or to possibly meet some new friends I hope you join me tomorrow night at the studio.

Warm Flow February 5th

Another Wednesday means another 715pm warm Vinyasa flow lead by yours truly, at Soul Space Yoga. This weeks flow will include some faster pace transitions so we get our heart pumping and poses that are sure to challenge every part of your body. So, set aside an hour of your evening to take some well deserved time for yourself and join me at the studio!

Warm Vinyasa Flow January 22

The cold snap is over…… so there is no reason to stay cooped up in your house. Why not celebrate the warmer weather and the longer days by coming out to Soul Space Yoga on Wednesday night at 7:15pm and joining me in a sweet warm flow? We will be doing a slow gentle flow with some strength work sprinkled in here and there. I also will have a new playlist that will be ready just in time for this class, with some fresh tunes that are sure to satisfy your ears. So, gather up your friends and make your way to the studio as a way to cap off your Wednesday night.

Beats and Breath – TAYLOR SWIFT

I am teaching the 8pm Beats and Breath class at Cornerstone Yoga Collective tomorrow (Oct 9th). I have been a huge Taylor Swift fan since she sang country. I can remember blasting her song Should’ve Said No while cruising around the Valley in my 1989 Honda Prelude with my best friends. I may have also shed some emotional teenage tears to her song Tear Drops on My Guitar (damn Drew why did you have to break her heart). I was also lucky enough that the song 22 came out while I was 22 so I could ring in my 23rd birthday by playing 22 on repeat all night while eating a McCain chocolate cake by the fist full. I am so excited to put together compilation of her best heartbreak songs with a few of her more upbeat songs sprinkled in to go with the vinyasa flow tomorrow night. Get ready to open your heart, as you lip sing on your mat and don’t forget Keep the rest of your night open for drinks and appetizers with your fellow Taylor Swift yoga loving friends at Brown’s Social House after class. See you tomorrow.

Beats and Breath – Amber Run

I will be teaching Beats and Breath tonight at Cornerstone Yoga Collective at 8pm. This is my first Vinyasa class since I have made my return to teaching, which means I am equal parts excited and nervous. I have actually planned the class in preparation for my rustiness, there will be some interesting transitions along with some “fun” core work all leading to a peak pose. I chose the band Amber Run for the sound track because I have used a few of their songs in some of my previous yoga playlists, and I think the vibe of their music is the perfect background sound for a challenging and lively flow.  If you love getting sweaty and moving your body into weird shapes while focusing on your breath then join me at the studio tonight.