Hot Vinyasa Tonight (Dec 4)

Good news Soul Space Yoga is opened for classes this week! I will be teaching the 7:15pm – 8:15pm Hot Vinyasa class tonight. This flow will me a mix of strength, stretching and sweating, so be sure to bring a towel! After some hard work we will end with a lengthy shavasana to help settle in to our bodies and relieve some of the holiday stress. Hope to see you tonight 🙂

Beats and Breath – TAYLOR SWIFT

I am teaching the 8pm Beats and Breath class at Cornerstone Yoga Collective tomorrow (Oct 9th). I have been a huge Taylor Swift fan since she sang country. I can remember blasting her song Should’ve Said No while cruising around the Valley in my 1989 Honda Prelude with my best friends. I may have also shed some emotional teenage tears to her song Tear Drops on My Guitar (damn Drew why did you have to break her heart). I was also lucky enough that the song 22 came out while I was 22 so I could ring in my 23rd birthday by playing 22 on repeat all night while eating a McCain chocolate cake by the fist full. I am so excited to put together compilation of her best heartbreak songs with a few of her more upbeat songs sprinkled in to go with the vinyasa flow tomorrow night. Get ready to open your heart, as you lip sing on your mat and don’t forget Keep the rest of your night open for drinks and appetizers with your fellow Taylor Swift yoga loving friends at Brown’s Social House after class. See you tomorrow.

August Schedule

It seems that these days I am lucky if I can cover 2 classes a month. This month those two classes are 715pm Vinyasa at Soul Space Yoga August 1st (tomorrow night) and 715pm Vinyasa at Cornerstone August 6th. The theme for me this month is working on binding and integrating it into a unique flow that is sure to be a challenge. As always I will be combining strength and flexibility movements into class in order to help improve overall mobility. I can’t wait to see every ones lovely faces on their mats!

Beats & Breath East Coast Style

I am teaching Beats and Breath at Cornerstone Yoga Collective tomorrow night (April 10th) at 8pm. My good friend Ryan, who, just like me was lucky enough to be born and raised in the laid back and under rated province of Nova Scotia, gave me the idea to create a playlist featuring artists originating from our amazing province. Some people might be surprised by the familiar musicians that appear on this list, such as April Wine, The Trews and Sloan, amoung many others. I hope to see you on your mats tomorrow night as we embrace the “go with the flow” attitude of the Maritime’s.

I’m Teaching Feb 26 & 27

I will be leading the 715 Vinyasa class at Cornerstone Yoga Collective tonight. I am going back to my roots tonight and will be teaching a class that will probably feel really familiar if you have been practicing with me since I was fresh out of yoga teacher training. There will still be  strong emphasis on strength, working some muscles that tend to get neglected by the majority of yoga poses.

Tomorrow night I am teaching the 8pm Beats and Breath class where we will be flowing to the chill tunes of The Lumineers.

Hope to see you there!

Feb 19 Vinyasa

I am excited to be teaching the Tuesday 715pm Vinyasa class at Cornerstone Yoga Collective. If you choose to join me on your mat tomorrow night you can expect a strong flow that will challenge your balance, on your feet and your hands. I will be incorporating transitions that are influenced by yoga classes I have been doing from home that I find mentally invigorating. It is always fun to move your body in a way you may have not before. If you choose to join me your mind and body will thank you. 🙂

I will also be teaching the Beats and Breath class next Wednesday.

Classes This Week

On Saturday Nov 24  from 10-11:15am I will be teaching Yin at Soul Space Yoga . I am excited to be back in this space, it will be my first class here since I went on maternity leave. I can’t wait to see all the new faces and maybe a couple familiar ones!

I will be teaching Beats and Breath Wednesday the 28th at Cornerstone Yoga from 8-9pm. This will be a slightly more upbeat class since I have decided to play Third Eye Blind. This band is most known for their 90’s sound and is one of the few bands that my husband and I both enjoy. I am aiming to make the class a bit more laid back as we all enjoy the 90’s throw back.