I grew up in Nova Scotia and moved to Fort St. John for work as a GIS Specialist in July of 2013. I first started doing yoga a couple times a week at home because I was too shy to go to the studio, until one day my roommate invited me to join her in a public yoga class at Blacksmith Yoga Community. I can remember my first class in perfect detail, the teacher, the poses, even where I placed my mat in the room. Ever since that day in May of 2014 I made a commitment to attend class a couple times a week, but it wasn’t until I joined my first 30 day challenge at the studio that I started attending class as often as I could.

I never pictured myself as a yoga teacher, as I thought I would never be able to eloquently guide a room of students through a class since I am tone deaf, cannot remember lyrics to songs or choreography for that matter. That all changed when the manager of the studio approached me and convinced me to attend the next Vinyasa 200h Yoga Teacher Training with Randelle Lusk in the fall of 2015. It was during teacher training that I realized I was kind of good at teaching yoga. It wasn’t too long before I was creating classes on the spot. I have continued to teach yoga since I graduated teacher training in February 2016 and was fortunate enough to be a teacher at two amazing studios in Fort St. John. My teaching style has evolved since then but will always be influenced by my original mentors. I have continued to educate myself with regards to yoga and other forms of movement and decided to sign up for my 300h YTT training with Kathryn Bruni-Young and Carly Stong through Mindful Strength. I am so excited for this training, that starts in April 2020, because its emphasis is on strength science and inclusion. I know it will help advance my teaching in a direction that fascinates me and will give me the tools I need to help my students learn that they are stronger than they ever thought and that they can do anything they set their mind to. My ultimate dream is to help people realize their full potential on and off their mats.

Outside of the classroom I spend my a lot of my time chasing after my two sons, Sawyer and Harvey, and my two large dogs all while making sure they don’t crush our pet rabbit. I supplement my yoga practice with long distance running, strength training and hiking. Even though I love being physically active I also enjoy other activities that help slow me down and centre me, such as camping and just chilling out with my friends.

This summer my family and I will be moving to Revelstoke, BC to be closer to family, and although I am excited for the move and all the opportunities it is sure to bring I will miss Fort St. John and the people I have met here.