Classes This Week: April 8 & 11

I am excited to be teaching more than one class this week, one for each of the studios I normally sub/teach at. I will be on Soul Space Community’s Facebook page Wednesday night at 715pm live and then I will be taking over Cornerstone Yoga Collective’s Facebook page Saturday night at 645pm, each class will be 60 minutes in length leaving you with the option to stay in savasana for as long as your schedule permits. Both classes this week will be working towards peak poses and will be my typical style of flow with a lot of integrated strength movements including some yoga style squat variations and various types of planks, because those are my favourite.

On a personal note, the mental aspect of teaching has been a challenge for me lately, being pregnant, having an almost 2 year old, working full time and always in the midst of some sort of renovation consistently leaves me feeling tired leading up to class. Often times I have to push myself to teach, but once the class is over I am left with a burst of energy and am always glad that I made myself get in front of the camera. I also realize my situation is not unique and there are probably so many people that feel this way whether it’s with regards to teaching yoga, doing yoga or any physical activity in general. This feeling for most has probably been exaggerated during the current situation as we deal with our regular stresses plus the added stress having little control over our lives right now. I just wanted to remind everyone that you are not alone! As humans we like to think we are unique and that our situations and problems are also unique, but with over 7 billion people on this planet you can almost guarantee someone out there feels the exact same way you do and realistically they are closer to you than you think. This is why opening up and being honest with yourself and others can be beneficial in helping you realize you are not alone and that you can find support.

Keep keeping it real and just do your best, whatever that looks like right now.

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