Live on FB April 1st @ 715pm

This is going to be my third week offering my yoga class via the internet. It is definitely weird teaching without being able to see anyone. You think it would be less nerve racking, but it isn’t! There is some comfort that being able to see your students provides, as you are able feed off their energy. I also have a huge fear of going back and watching my classes, so I have yet to do that. I can only imagine the faces that I make or weird comments that come out of my mouth. I know, however as the weeks go on this will become the new norm, and when us yoga teachers have to hop back into the studio we will be nervous all over again.

This week if you plan on watching my class feel free to post on my facebook page, “Channell Your Yoga”, any requests you may have regarding what you poses you would like to work on or what kind of class (fast, slow, stretchy, strong) you are craving and I would be more than happy to try to accommodate some of the suggestions into my flow tomorrow night.  There is also a possibility that I may provide a Spotify playlist for you to listen too while you follow me though the class, it just depends if I can get my sh*t together in time.

Side note: I thought I would have so much more free time now that I am hardly leaving my house…….. but somehow I don’t, and I am sure others are feeling the same way.

Any who, I hope some of you join me live tomorrow night at 715pm on Soul Space Yoga Community’s Facebook page, or watch the class at your own convince.

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