Tuesday 715pm Vinyasa

I will be teaching at the 7:15pm Vinyasa Class at Cornerstone Yoga Collective tonight. I am looking forward to leading everyone who joins me through a fun, thoughtful strong flow. The morning classes I normally teach are only 60 minutes long, so I am looking forward to having the extra 15 minutes to play around with some more complicated shapes.

If you do decide to join me on your mat tonight, get ready for some lower body work as that is where my practice has been taking me lately, as I try my best to prepare my body for the arrival of my baby. You can count on a couple variations of Malasna (Yogi Squat) making an appearance, it has been one of my favorite and most empowering asanas recently, partially because it allows lots of room for my continuously growing belly. Also, ever since I have started engaging the proper muscles while holding malasana I have gained so much more strength in the position, and feel extremely supported . Personally, I have noticed that when I feel strong/supported in a certain pose or my body as a whole, I also feel strong mentally. It always fascinates me how what I learn and discover about myself and practice while I am on my mat usually translates into my life off of the mat, without me even realizing it. I have been consistently staying active and building more strength throughout my second trimester and I really think it is helping me better navigate my pregnancy without feeling overwhelmed.

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